Missoula, MT


96.5 and 104.3 - The Fox


Western Montana's Powerful Country Station


96.5 FM
(also on HD Radio)




100,000 Watts

First air date

April 23, 1958


Shelbie Warrick Media Group
d.b.a. RainbowDash72, LLC

 KFXY-FM is the country radio station serving Missoula, Montana. It broadcasts on 96.5 on the FM dial with a secondary tower located near the community of Arlee transmitting at 104.3 FM on translator K296FX for listeners in the Mission Valley. KFXY is one of many country radio stations owned by RainbowDash72, LLC, a division of Shelbie Warrick Media Group. 


KFXY signed on the air on April 24, 1958. It played a variety of music ranging from Doo-Wop to Rock and Roll to Country. It was also the radio home for Seattle Seahawk games in Missoula. In 1962, KFXY was knocked off the air for 2 months after its radio transmitter collapsed then located off of U.S. Route 93. The collapsed tower killed one person and severely injured one other person. In April of that year, KFXY's tower was rebuilt and back on the air. KFXY changed radio format to a top 40 format in 1970 and became known as "96.5 The Fox." Throughout the 1970s, KFXY was the number 1 station in Missoula. On April 4, 1982, KFXY switched from a top 40 station to Disco and R&B and became known as "Foxy 96". In the 1980s, Foxy 96 was getting more competition in the ratings. It wasn't that powerhouse station like it was in the 1970s. As the years went on, KFXY was swaying away from music and went to R&B and Hip-Hop. KFXY switched to its current format in 1994 and became known as "Y96". In January of 2019, the station renamed Y96 as "96.5 and 104.3 - The Fox", but in no connection to the original Top 40 branding between 1970 to 1982. It added in classic country to KFXY's currently growing library of modern and classic country songs. To this day, KFXY continues to be the #1 rated country station in all of Montana.

Branding and identity Edit

1958 - KFXY-FM (Doo-Wop)

1970 - The Fox (Top 40)

1982 - Foxy 96 (R&B)

1994 - Y96 (Modern country)

2019 - 96.5 and 104.3 - The Fox (Classic and modern country)