WFXM-FM (branded on-air as 94.3 Jack FM) is a commercial radio station located in Macon, Georgia. WFXM is owned by the Axum Radio Group. WFXM begin broadcasting in July 1985 as WWMC-FM. WWMC changed call letters and became WFXM-FM in 1986. It operates on 94.3 FM, and currently carries a Variety Hits format. It is currently owned by the Axum Radio Group after being sold by WFXM Partnership in 2016. Originally WFXM-FM broadcasted a Mainstream rock format (including

edited and uninterrupted audio rebroadcasts of WNIV-TV, WFGS-TV, and WFXA-TV's newscasts) until 1996. WFXM transistioned to an Urban Contemporary format during this time and remained under this format until 2007 when it transistioned to an hybrid Oldies/Hot AC station. After Berfield/Willis purchased the station in 2016, WFXM dropped Hot AC music and replaced it with Adult hits while still keeping Oldies music and changed the branding from Big 94.3 to 94.3 The Fox. On November 22, 2017, WFXM rebranded as 94.3 Matt FM, while still retaining the adult hits format.